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Maratha Seva sangh मराठा सेवा संघ

Maratha Sewa Sangh
“Maratha Sewa Sangh” was built and established by the impulse of “Budati He Jan,
Na Dekhave Dola”. 300 selected invitees from the whole state were brought together at
VIKAS bungalow situated at P.W.D. Civil Line, Akola on 22 July 1990. The discussion
was taken on the present condition of Maratha Samaj. The list was presented on varying
challenges and agreed upon finding the solution over it. The Middle classes (Govt.
servants), who are less in number, is the Social, Economical, Educational, Cultural, and
Religious backbone of Maratha Samaj. To express their social gratitude, it was agreed
upon to mobilize and induce them to work on 99% remaining illiterate, poor Maratha,
Patil, Deshmukh, Rajput are the part of Maratha and named “Maratha Sewa Sangh”.
By making Constitution officially then, It was registered according to Maratha Sewa
Sangh sanstha registration Act and Mumbai Sarvajanik Vitta Sanstha Act. Its registration
numbers are as given below.
A) Maharashtra-3038 Akola 31/08/1990
B) Af - 2238 Akola 20/11/1990 Head Office Akola
Maratha Sewa Sangh- The essential provision in the constitution is as:
To grow Brotherhood, Patriotism, social domestic lone and affection in an
individual, who is, as a unit of Maratha Sewa Sangh, working in Maharashtra or any
registered enterprises in the world, in various sector of government and Para-government
services or retired etc. Thus, it is required to have social & individual prosperity and
remove the social injustice from them. For this only aforesaid purpose Maratha Sewa
Sangh in being established.
All deserved persons, in maratha samaj working in Maharashtra, government
Para-government, private & registered institution in the world, various sectors in the state
& central offices & enterprises or retired etc. & from all the level of maratha samaj i.e.
KUNBI, MARATHA, PATIL, DESHMUKH, RAJPUT, & known original Maratha, can
be the member of maratha seva sangh.
The main purpose of Maratha seva sangh is to do overall development of all the
units of Maratha samaj and taking and giving the co-operation to all the group will be
their policy.
In this way by creating social re conciliation all the members of Maratha seva
sangh are bound to achieve “BAHUJAN SUKHAY BAHUJAN HITAY”
Maratha seva sangh has planned comprehensiveness and vision. It is impossible to
do social revolution with capturing all fine power centers i.e. Education economics,
religion, politics & media by Maratha this wings were introduced for scientific planning
and action under the guidance of the eminent personalities & organization in various
fields. The wings are as given below:
The state level conferences of Maratha seva sangh & its various wings are taken
on every year. It is also taken an division Taluka & District level. The work of Maratha
seva sangh has reached on every state of India as well as foreign comprise “Maratha
Marg” is the mouthpiece of Maratha seva sangh & publishing regularly from 1995.
SAMAJMANTHAN & many more weeklies are published.
run for social awareness.
The institution naming “JIJAU PRAKASHAN” is in Pune. The book relating
movement, Granth, Cassettes, CD’s & pictures are published through. This medium. The
calendar is being published on every year from 1990.
The grand earthquake occurred a 30 Sep. 1993. At that time the founder of
Maratha Seva Sangh Shivshri Purushotamji Khedekar & many social workers were at the
service on the spot with the fund collected by Maratha seva sangh. When the earthquake
in Bhuj of Gujarat State occurred on 26 th July 2001, the demand draft of 81 lac rupees
was transferred to the former chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, MP Vijay Singh Mohite
Patil by them.
The continuous enlightening programmers & thoughts of maratha seva sangh
have mainly united the Bahujan Samaj of Maharastra. By gaining awareness all the
communities are going to be strong and living knowing their enemies. All the Bahujan
organizations are working with keeping Co-ordination with each other. The coordinative
unity has enlarged in the rural society. The young generation has started playing attention
on higher education employment & profession etc. & defying superstition, unwanted
customs & traditions. We must participate in this work. The educated & higher educated
vigilant social people like us are needed to be active you must start working in any
desirable wing read the literature of Maratha seva sangh. Strengthen the society, Bahujan
Bandhav and the country. Be a member of maratha seva sangh, maratha marg, Jijau
Sandesh, Shivdharm Saptahik, sambhaji Brigade etc. Carry Sambhaji Brigade Jijau
Brigade at every threshold.
To root out the castism & cent the society without caser is the common talk and
people are dreaming too. If we want to root out the castism, we must know the origin of
castes in India. If we are unable to root out the castes, instead of swelling emotion about
it, we must understand the realism to a waken the pride of it. Though Indian straggle
seems communal, but we are deceived, it is religious in mature.
This struggle has been begun for defending Brahmin vaidik Dharma & extreme
perverted philosophy. The social revolution is possible by social organization. We must
not think that theses organization are naming the caste so are matronly in the veil Inspire
of putting knowledge of books, it is required to work concerning the reality of caste and
The thousand of communities have no pride. They have forgotten it. They are in
the various communal groups, unwanted customs, and traditions. If they try to find out
their own existence, they will reach to “ShivSanskriti” i.e. the origin of the communities.
To make them known is one of the steps of revolution. If that is happened, it doesn’t take
time to build the society on the values of equality, liberty & brotherhood without having
communal strife. We must welcome the entire small communal group who are standing
with this principal. Maratha Sewa Sangh is working in this direction. Today, it is not only
an organization but Folk movement of the pride also. Maratha Sewa Sangh has Succeed
to imprint certain thinking in the country & all over the world. The progress of an
individual & family is the progress of the society & the country.
The education, religion, political, economics & media centers are the five power
centers of Maratha Sewa Sangh. Therefore the five contribution i.e. labor, time, intellect,
Skill & money are demanded from the society to grain it.
We are welcoming the newly formed organization & others, the organizations,
which is running by the name of Maratha Sewa Sangh. But you are instead to have a
single target. Though your weapons are different. By maintaining in all groups of society.
The co-operation & revolution, from other Bahujan communities are implied. Maratha
Sewa Sangh is doing the historical work of attaining Social & religious pride to the
devotees of agriculture in Shivsanskriti. Shivdharma revelation becomes possible by
ideological struggle and contemplation of this movement.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj shaped that culture change after Sant Tukaram
Maharaj. The complete dedication & struggle of Jijamata & Sahaji Raje is the inspiration
of this shiv revaluation. After mars Sahuji Maharaj strongly run this battle. Maharaja
Sayaji Gaikwad, Jedhe, Jawalkar, Maharshi Shinde enlightened the Maratha community.
But Maratha community didn’t get proper directional movement after the entrance of
Jedhe, Jawalkar etc. in the congress in 1928. By establishing Maratha Sewa Sangh,
Purushottamji Khedekar Fulfilled this social weakness in 1990. He sowed the thinking &
Strength of shivaji, Today’s success is the change in the thinking of Maratha society in
the pigment
It has been misinterpreted that Maratha Sewa Sangh Hates Bramin & abuses the
Gods. But we don’t hate anybody, only work to end the perversity. We are the founder of
the culture, we know souling, we cherishes human being’s & will living createres of this
saving. We can protect the culture by destructing perversity. We must understand the
role of Tukoba by the proverb “ DAYA TICHE NAV, BHUTANCHE PALAN;
AANIK NIRDALAN , KANTKANCHE” Maratha society has spread in all over the
country and the problems of this society is the problems of all the societies. The change
in the large group flows & affect them. By rejecting yhe slaverty of Brahmin, the battle of
Marathas has emerged as a folk battle. It is the happiest thing. The new steps are taken
knowing problems & the change in the present & future. We are doing self analysis.
Instead of neglecting the critism me are accepting the positive change by taking prompt
made upon action over it . it is the journey of analyzing one self and witnessed as the
true. It is a folk movement.
Maratha Sewa Sangh is not only trying to join the people in the Maharashtra, but
also in the country & the world. We don’t care the great men when they are alive. That is
the fault of Maratha samaj. Purushottamji Khedekar is doing Shivkarya in the present. It
is needed to co-operate the society by knowing this movement. It is needed to run the five
power centers said by Khedekar Saheb for the success of Maratha, Kunbi society.
Maratha Sewa Sangh has kept the co-ordination with Kunbi Maratha & all Equaling
organization in Maharashtra. The reunion of 8 lakh Maratha’s who scattered in the battle
of Panipat in Hariyana, is the huge culture triumph of this movement. They who
considered Shivaji Maharaj & Baliraja their ancestors are our brothers in Shivkul. It was
announced to spread the thinking of Shivdharma in all over the India by Akhil Bhartiya
Kurmi Khsetriya Parished in the conference of 2006 in Varanasi. Shivdharma Parishad in
Dhanbad, Zarkhand is the next step of the movement.
Maratha Sewa Sangh & Shivdharma is our movement. Join it instead of
wandering oner the deges. Use your talent for the society & the organisontiun > We can
find the way by discussing the problems & daubts. No question qrises in front of organied
kunbi Maratha socitty> To join them is the only a wester in front of us & if we do so
them. It is ours All the directions are ready to welcome you.
Maratha Seva Sangh is the registered organization & its objects are as given
1) To cultivate the complete benefit of the members of Sangh
2) To grow brotherhood affection social & domestic love in the members for
increasing social obligation & try to do only all the feeling of development
the society
3) To prepare a path & medium for carrying the society towards prosper it by
owner coming the barriers like social frustration. Conflicts, social drawbacks,
old tradition & customs etc.
4) To protect the society from the planning & affairs against it.
5) To strive hard to solve the question of bulgy unemployment &stand
economically independent society. To motivate & guide young generation for
business & self employment to root out the problems of unemployment from
the society.
6) To implement strictly the different govt. schemes for the social educational
cultural & economical progress of the society & in contact with the govt. to
benefit them to the society & revitalize the society the country hostel
7) To provide & run it successfully for ente5ring our educated young generation
in the foreign services, defense services, administration services in the country
etc. as well as state level public services, printer services & different services
of Maharashtra govt.
8) To establish & run Mahila Mandal, Yuvak Mandal, Sanskar Mandal &
hygenic centers etc. successfully.
9) To establish & run Balak Mandir, Prathamik Shala, Madhyamik Shala,
Mahavidhyalaya, Aasharam Shala. Vachanalaya, Aandha shala, Sakshrti
Prosar Kendra, Vastigruha, Kride Mandale, vyayam Shala, Tantra
Mahavidhyalaya, Mahila Mandal, Yuvak Mandal Sanskar Kendra, Aarogya
Kendra, Vrudhashram etc. to fulfill the objects & aims of the Sangh.
10) To build the Samaj Seva fund & do economical to the problem stricken
promising & exploited students.
11) To establish & run the hostels for the female members of the Sangh as well as
run the different schemes for their convenience.
12) To benefit the experience of the retired members of the Sangh to the new
emerging members for implementing the aims & objects of the Seva Sangh
and design welfare schemes for the retired members.
13) To do everything that is essentials to the over all development of the members
& the society.
14) To guide the members for establishing Ghruh Nirman Sanstha for the new
emerging members.
15) To honour and provide the scholarship to the clever daughters & sons of the
16) To root out the old unwanted tradition & customs by canvassing & support
those desirable.
17) To educate helpless widows by the means of Shivankam Bharatkam, Ghruh
Udhyogh etc. to prosper their lives & encourage them for remarriage.
18) To honour the talented & competent person in the society & settle the
conflicts in the society.
19) To collect the material essential for the social work & build Samaj Seva
20) To organize elocution, meeting, conferences, charity show etc. for social
The advance of Maratha Sewa Sangh:
No system in the religion, social, state & country can fulfill the expectation of the
society. Self development is the main intention of the democracy. Seva Sangh was
established with the same purpose. The society responded it spontaneously with grand
welcome. The executive bodies were established on different levels.
The work of Maratha Seva sangh has been arranged on the various level:-
1) The chief central executive body:- On the state, nation & world level.
2) The divisional executive body according to revenue & facilities.
3) The district level executive body according to district revenue & facilities.
4) The executive body on the city, town, village or ward level. Etc.
In this way it is expected by the members to choose the executive body on the
different levels. According to the convenience the freedom is given to decide the
members of executive body such as president, the chief executive, vice- president,
secretary, co-secretary, cashier, co- cashier & other members etc.
The visit by making 9 groups of each 4 people was given by the founder body of
Maratha Seva Sangh & some of the interested people in the society in most of the
villages, talukas & districts of the Maharashtra. The printed literature was distributed on
every district. It helped to unite the work of Maratha seva sangh in all the districts. The
executive body in Bhandara district of Vidharbha was disturbed so many time for the
verbal argument of Maratha & Kunbi. Thus, there is no authorized executive body in
Bhandara today. But the people by accepting the thinking of Maratha Sava Sangh, are
working there.
Shivshri Purushotam Khedekar was the president, Amrutrao Savant (the
executive), Nirmal Kumar Deshmukh (the secretary) of Maratha Seva Sangh for the
period 1990 to 2008.
For the period 2004 to Dec 2006, Vijaysingh Mahadik was the president,
Purushottam kadu was the executive & B.T. Devare was the secretary of Sangh.
From 2006, Netaji Gore (the president), Purushotam alias Balasaheb kadu (the
executive), Vijaykumar Thube (the secretary) were in charge.
We have to do the work of Maratha Seva Sangh by the 31 wings not only on the
Village, Taluka, District, state & country level but also the world level. The chief of 31